Managed alcohol programs (MAPs) are a harm reduction intervention within the continuum of AUD care for individuals with severe alcohol use disorder (AUD) for whom other treatments are not an effective option – particularly those who face additional barriers to basic care and psychosocial supports due to poverty and homelessness.

MAPs provide alcohol and supports for those with severe AUD to reduce their consumption, prevent deadly symptoms of withdrawal, and provide an alternative to non-beverage alcohol consumption.

The BC Centre on Substance Use, in partnership with the Canadian Institute for Substance Use Research, convened an expert national panel to develop MAPs operational information. The guideline, published July 18, 2023, aims to support the availability of these programs nationally. Canadian AUD clinical guidelines are currently in development with an anticipated publication date of October 2023.

This work was supported by funding from Health Canada.

Canadian Operational Guidance

MAPs Operational Resources

Sample financial management consent form

Sample Client Alcohol Management Plan and Agreement

Example Client Bill of Rights

Alcohol Inventory Control

Sample Pre-dose Intoxication Assessment Forms

Sample Clinical Assessment Form

Alcohol Use Disorder Screening and Assessment Tools

Sample Managed Alcohol Order

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